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    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestajunior View Post
    I am just happy with any update. If I donít like a feature I ignore it.
    ^^^This!! Some things may sound insignificant in print, but when it comes to actual game play may be very helpful.
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    Be kind. 🤗

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    That is awesome! Canít wait for this update!

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    Not really excited with the sneak peak updates, It has become very boring after level 100. I would like new machines, new products, two horses for the last stable, different derby tasks, and no matter how much we help we get only 5 gift cards, gift cards should be same as how much we have helped. I think we could have different fried rice, biriyani, lemon rice from Indian cuisine. Also wine for new products. There are so many more fruits and vegetables, how about spices Cloves, garlic, peppercorn. please s something exciting for 100+ players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSight View Post
    For all the details of the new Truck Order and Town Visitor Help! be sure to check out the videos. Ricky and Gizmo have great videos on it!
    Now I have lots of friends who seem to need help but I see nothing in the Town, Truck, Boat or plants! This is really annoying as you keep seeing them there and nothing you can do for them...
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    I am having the same problem of seeing my NH members having a Help sign, but when I go to their farm, there is nothing needing help. One other glitch is after I asked for help 3x at the truck order board, here is no opportunity to ask for that extra one more help that I am supposed to get from my neighbors. I have reported both problems in my in-game Help & Support but there has been no response. I suppose many others have reported this as well and they are inundated with messages. I was just testing these new features out, so there is no hurry. I wanted SC to know there are these problems atm.

    I think being able to ask for help for Town Visitors will be very helpful. It's a lot easier to get help than to have to travel out of my town into another farm to receive the items that I asked for. I know I can reject a visitor when I don't have the items requested, but in a derby task, sometimes it's not easy to pick up a specific visitor for the task.

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