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    Cool Sneak Peek #2: All-new-Derby - Power Derby!

    This new Derby, the Power Derby, was designed for those who have been requesting to do more tasks than normal! Here's a breakdown for those interested:

    - Every task is easier than in normal derbies.
    - Players in the Rookie league can take 7 tasks, Novice league 9 tasks, Professional league 10 tasks, Expert league 12 tasks and Champions league 14 tasks.
    - Increased chances AND amounts for barn and silo upgrade materials from threshold rewards.
    - Thresholds are a bit re-balanced.

    Coming soon to a screen near you!


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    Woooo wooooo

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    Nick, thanks for this....

    will derby tasks still take 30 minutes to refresh on the board ? Because finding 4 more tasks for each player, even if they’re easier to complete, is going to be a hot mess in some larger hoods. Might be a hot mess in smaller hoods too that are used to a super fast derby....


    also, when it says thresholds have been balanced - does this mean just for a power derby or for all derbies ?
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    51 many of theses tasks are free?? Hope this isn’t another ploy by hayday to take more diamonds from us? We always do 10 tasks so hayday gets 10 diamonds from each of us...if we have to use 10 diamonds for each extra one then that’s 50 diamonds from each of us?! ���� lets hope I’m not being cynical and we will only have to buy one extra task!

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    Is this a special derby like Mystery Derby or Blossom Derby?
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    I recall a forum member asked about power derby and power run few weeks back. Is this power derby that they talked about?

    I'm excited with this new derby, can't wait to try it!!
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    No mays...this is completely different.
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    Some great questions above, waiting for Nick to answer them

    can we assume by easier tasks complete much quicker, no goats milk, goats cheese, no bacon, no wool, no strawberries, no tomatoes two or three boats, or all significantly reduced to maximum time of say 6-8 hours.
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    Sounds like fun!
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