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Thread: TH9 GoHo Related Questions

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    TH9 GoHo Related Questions

    Hello forum! I became a th9 one month ago and had really made good progress. I have some of my troops to level six and unlocked all the new troops for th9. I am currently upgrading my hogs to level five and they will be done tomorrow. After hogs, I am going to upgrade golem to level two because I had a really hard time farming at th8. Th9 is easy for dark elixir farming. The question is, will GoHo work with level two golems and level five hogs? What army composition should I use? How do I do a GoHo attack correctly? I was pretty good at using GoHo on th8 and I am interested to know how to use them at th9.

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    It can work but you're going to have to cherry pick your targets. Ideally you'd be targeting bases similar to yourself with weaker defensive TH9's.

    Also, make sure to level your Heal spell asap as that along with the Hogs are what make or break a successful GoHo.

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