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Thread: Derby task log order

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    Derby task log order

    How is the order determined? Canít seem to figure it out and it makes no sense the way it is.

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    This question has been posed in the past. To my knowledge, no one has come up with an answer. I donít know if itís the same for all, or if itís just random, but as leader of my hood, I always seem to be at the top of the list. Beyond that it seems to be random. Sorry I canít give a better answer. It really doesnít matter though.
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    In my NH, the NH derby log is always sorted by number of points, highest first.
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    I've wondered about this for a long time, read different theories, even asked customer support. The short answer is that no one knows. More recent members of a hood tend to be listed higher for a given point tally, but that clearly doesn't account for all the ordering ...

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    I have wondered, too. Most players in my nh get the same score, but the log does not order us according to who finished first. It seems random. This week we all (about 15 opted in) got the same score. I finished in 3 days. On the log I am near the bottom, under players who finished later, players with lower farm levels, players newer to the nh, and players with lower nh rank designations. It is curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyOrganicFarm1903 View Post
    In my NH, the NH derby log is always sorted by number of points, highest first.
    Primary sorting is always by points total, but when people finish level on points is where the mystery begins. All 26 opted in for us this week finished on 4800 points, and there’s is no rhyme or reason to the assigned finishing order on our derby log


    we have noticed that whatever order you are listed in at derby start is where you finish at derby end. However what determines the start order remains a mystery, and it varies every week. Please don’t anyone ask SC to fix it to some specific order .... heaven knows what potential side effect it might have on some other aspect of the game!
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