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Thread: Seeking casual neighborhood

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    Seeking casual, helpful neighborhood

    Hello, I am currently a level 30 player. I am still learning the game "which most of us are". I don't have all buildings for current level but I try my best to help if I can. Of course, this depending on level and resources I can make. I cannot promise to do all tasks deemed required, but I will do my very best, and if that's not good enough, ohh whale! Real Life is always priority #1, however I do show online many times during the day and evening.
    If you are interested in a new member I have provided my tag#
    Farm tag #2Y09CVUUJ Siri
    or your can always respond to this message or send a message
    I do not use Facebook for Hay Day, but I have the following messaging apps: Line, Discord and KiK.
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    Then Swampy Waterz (#9CC8CJGG)♥is the place for you. Hope to see you soon.

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    Pm sent................

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