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Thread: Only win the same derby prizes??

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    Only win the same derby prizes??

    I want to win more decor that I see on other farms but never seem to win new items from derby or elsewhere; it's always the same items over. Aside from log paths or flower patches who actually wants 12 slides, or dog toilet paper things... ?? Can you fix this HD ?!
    Or let us purchase them?

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    Yes!! I've refreshed soo many times trying for something different -especially that elusive unicorn- but nope, here's another slide.. Or rocking sheep.. Or dog pool, over and over ��
    Lesson learned, accept the first random prizes and save your diamonds ��

    Level 147 ~Town 44
    Achievements: 143/144 (Just Bingo to go)
    Mastery: All but that dang flower shop!

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