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Thread: Lure Fishing Event

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    Lure Fishing Event

    Hi, I need to know when is the next fishing with lure global event?

    I haven't played this event from ages. I have played almost all the events twice or thrice during this time. If Supercell has decided to discard this event then my 2 penny advice is to at least make all the event only fish to non-event, so we can try our bad luck to catch them.

    Please help!
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    Although my fishing book is complete, I've been waiting for a global fishing event for a few weeks now. I hope we'll get it more often in the future.

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    I was just thinking we hadn’t seen a fishing event in a while. I like them. It’s a chance to pile up filets so I can later concentrate on lobster and ducks.

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    Does anyone remember back in the good ole days when we had one every week?
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