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    Friendly flowers 💐

    What we need is help for farms who play with less then four people we get far poorer prizes have no chance of getting to the good prizes it takes us the same time to do the tasks l help people buy diamonds but am treated as a second class players we should all get the same chance to win the same prizes no matter if it is one or thirty people playing we are all playing the same game or should be yes we all do 7 or 8 tasks we try to do the 320 or 400 tasks the same as everybody else but cannot reach the total that farms with more players reach and it is not right
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    It is totally unfair that small hoods are unable to win all the horseshoe prizes. This is something that needs addressing in an update - sadly it doesn’t seem like these game flaws are high on the priority of the developers.
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    Four farm neighborhoods can get all the horseshoes and don't need the extra task to do it. I am in one. I get all the prizes every week. I keep all the tasks I like over 300 and I don't stress. I do as many 320s as come up but maybe only a third of the tasks taken the whole derby are 320.
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    Yes. It’s unfair that we don’t get the opportunity to get all of the horseshoes. I do 10*320/400 every week, more than many players in larger hoods but don’t get all of the rewards, it’s ridiculous. We should ALL be able to play in an NH that suits us without being penalised. SC are hesitant to change it because of the complaints from people in bigger hoods...who it doesn’t affect at getting rewards doesn’t take away from them at all.
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