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Thread: Clan not in current war streaks

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    Clan not in current war streaks

    our clan has out best war win streak going and have not been able to find our clan in the current war win streaks for the last couple weeks.. anyone have this problem before?

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    should question the web site that is publishing the lists.
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    I've always used clash of

    is there a better site?

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    I really hope your username isn't...
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    Check the websites criteria for win streaks. I believe does not include clans that are warring at mainly below th10 in their stats. SO if the majority of your war fighters th's a re too low, you will not be on their list.

    But it is probably more worthwhile for you to contact the sites in question to find out why they are not catching/using your data.
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    how big is your war streak? 20 may seem like a lot, but compared to other clans its pretty small

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