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Thread: Why do so many clans ask ASL ? Do you really care about someone's gender?

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    Why do so many clans ask ASL ? Do you really care about someone's gender?

    It's archaic. Ask me if I can 3 star instead.

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    Sex not so much usually, but some have reasons for it that aren't really appropriate for us to discuss here.

    Age and location are relevant for a lot of clans though.

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    Wherever there are the foolish starting new clans, I am there, wagging a finger,
    A clan I just sent a mini to for clan games asks.

    The A/S/L part is a throwback comment to old chat rooms... but many ask for age and location because it helps filter out people. I usually lie about location, but age is no matter to me.

    Most of the clans I haunt are mostly adult but there are a few kids in there. They are most likely to need to go visit friends frequently, to ask inane questions... to get grounded from phone... to have a baseball game so they missed the last two wars... all that stuff.

    Gender... meh. I am a clasher. A clashette. That is all.
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    I can't speak for everyone, but agree with those who replied already. We care about age, mostly to filter out kids that miss war or don't follow strategy. Location, we care about less than age. I don't even normally ask it anymore. We just kick people who use phrases like "donate me troops now" or "bro" frequently. They get annoying. I'm noticing people who have emojis in their player tag or sPeLL lIKe ThIS almost always get the boot pretty quickly too.

    Gender... I don't ask. If they want to reveal, fine. Otherwise, it's not usually relevant. I tell fart jokes to everybody.
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    Yes, Location is important to know time zones so you know when someone is likely to be on line to attack. Age is due to reliability, as said above, kids get their iPads taken from them, miss attacks due to homework, sports, visiting nana....
    Usually, I don’t ask age, and never ask gender (irrelevant). Always ask location. I can work out (near enough anyway) age easy enough without asking.

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    I ask for age and location in request but generally it helps me weed out people who will likely not listen to instructions. If someone can’t read our clan description and put your age and location (simple instructions), why would I think they will follow a war strategy.
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    The age part of the equation helps to prevent (not a guarantee) for kids that always ask for “max” in their troop request, can’t follow simple clan mails and think everyone is their “bro” and constantly asking for elder promotion. Why do kids want to be promoted so bad?

    Location is important to know when clan mates are online for wars and donations and General life of the clan chat to keep going. All clans want to prevent dead air time.

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    Only reason I might ask for gender is if I'm frequently referring to people as guys etc and want to be inclusive. If people don't mind that in the clan though I don't really care. Location I just am interested to know as it helps plan wars in knowing when someone is likely to hit and their time they are asleep etc Age, I don't really care. If they are mature enough in chat and do their war hits then all good.
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    I'm with dreza. I will ask for gender for the simple reason, I don't want some of our rowdier members saying something that might be offensive to anyone. Just more of a respect thing in our clan.

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