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Thread: Poll: Have you ever taken a 230 task by mistake thinking it to be a 320 task

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    Thanks Lyngby. I do not think I have taken a 230 task, but I have seen and heard of lots taken by mistake, when trying to grab a task as quickly as possible. Two this week, one by us and one by 1st, they beat us in a 320 race.

    I do not understand the point you are making about trophies won. Your main NH has won 84 CL golds, we have won 91, Steve has won 116.

    The numbers you quote are also very interesting. There have only been around 150 weeks in the CL, therefore the maximum number of derby tasks taken is approximately 1500.

    If you personally have deleted on average 100 tasks per week, that adds up to only 15,000 tasks deleted, even at 200 per week that is 30,000.

    Your figures of 4,000 derby tasks taken and 150,000 to 200,000 deleted does not sound right.
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    ? 150 -200 thousand tasks thrown and abut 4000 tasks done ,dont sound right ?
    well I do abut 40% of the throwing in Lyngby Farmers , 40 % out of abut 1600-2000 task we throw a normal week make ?
    I did more then 100 Derbys with my third farm in a one man team , and did throw abut 300-500 tasks each week 40
    I think We hade 178 Derbys after the start of Derby Cups and we hade 12-15 before that ,
    So I think I have done 180 Derbys with 2 farms and 100 derbys with farm 3 that make ,
    A total of 460 Derbys . That I have done 4000 Derby tasks that is conuteing very low ,
    180 X 650 = 117.000 plus say 33000 thrown task in the oneman team make 150000 thrown tasks conunted LOW !
    Do you have a other way you conunte ?
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    And thanks for proveing my point , that my team got 84 GOLD and a totally of 138 CUPs in Cl League ,
    Most of those Derbys have we of course meet one or several ( We only do 320 points teams )
    And have beat them . Most times because they do mistakes .
    We can do this as it now without useing more Diamond then We get from playing , But the chance will be lower if they take away the 230 point tasks that I think is quite obvious .
    And so will the chances be for the other team you mention be , if they dont use diamonds .
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    I agree with Lyngby. Why did you make many threads about this 230-320 task? It's on every subforum. We get your point, Fatfinger.

    I personally never made this such mistakes. I did accidentally delete 320 task, yes. But I never took 230 pts task because I always read the task description before accept it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdcfc View Post
    Udderly - I think the issue with 230/320 for a hood like mine is quite simply that with 30 players all looking for high point tasks, when they pop up youíd better be quick or they will be gone. There isnít time to stop, double check etc ..... snooze you loose So regardless of whether you suffer from some form of number blindness, the human brain is very good at reading what itís trained to look for. For example these posts on Facebook that are printed upside down, inside out etc yet your brain can easily rearrange them and decipher the intended text. If youíre looking for 320 and 230 pops up, and you have to make a rapid decision, itís very easy for your brain to mistake that and make an error, seeing what it wants to see. Reading your 230 cheese as 320 isnít a snap decision, so unless you have a genuine numerical disability thatís unlikely to happen - but even if it does itís not a big deal. It wonít spoil anyoneís derby!
    Is this a big issue in my hood? .... not really, itís happened a handful of times in the last couple of years, but clearly it does happen and it almost seems like a ploy to trip people up. Either way itís surely easy to fix by having those 230ís spawn as 231
    I take your point on board, mdcfc. I guess it's the difference between a highly competitive hood versus the rest of us that just play for fun, kinda thing.

    I do wonder if SC's position is one of... that for those teams where there is this level of competition, perhaps this kinda confusion serves as another "sift" whilst racing... But I know that's not particularly helpful were that the case.

    Maybe SC will listen since it clearly means a great deal to a certain type of team (LB etc)

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    No thanks😅😅
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    I took a 230 task this week. It cost us. We’re in 3rd, but I doubt that will stick. I didn’t even notice until neighbor pointed it out. I’m slightly dyslexic, especially with numbers and it’s not the first time I’ve done this. Part of my problem this week were all of the problems with the update. I had multiple tasks that didn’t work correctly- like a shirt task that didn’t count the first time I unstacked my machine. I had to log in and out multiple times before the counter worked. Really infuriating. This, of course, stressed me out and I obviously mistook the task because of this. I’m still fuming about it. Please address this SC.
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