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Thread: Maxed th9 except heroes

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    Maxed th9 except heroes

    I am a near maxed th9 with low mid heroes( king 17 queen 17, maxed most of my walls already. Should I go to Th10 as I feel like I might be wasting my resources or should I max my heroes

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    Lol 17/17 that’s not close to max but go to anyway. Then when you’ve completed 10 you can start a thread that says maxed 10 except for heroes I have 25/25 should I go to 11
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    I'd personally get your Heroes up to at least 20 each, but DE is easier to get at TH10, so there's no harm in going up.

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    My recommendation is to max Queen as it seems to be key going up. king a few short doesn't seem to hurt to bad.

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    I’d say go up to 10. Although it is certainly helpful to have max or close to max heros, you will be better able to farm the loot as a th10 in a higher league with more/better troops. Plus, SC is making it super easy to upgrade now with reduced upgrade times, magic items, clan games, etc. so if you are fairly active, you’ll be up to par in no time.

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    Farming: Go ahead.
    War: Don't do it. Minimum hero levels for th10 wars are 25/25 imo. Many players can't even 3 star with 40/40 heroes.

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