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Thread: Tips on recruiting

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    Tips on recruiting

    Hello Clashers,

    Iíve been trying to recruit more people for a long time. Iíve havent had any good luck with it. Can anyone help me or give me better tips so my chances improve ??

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    Go to the recruiting section of forums and stay away from global
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ojitos0802 View Post
    Hello Clashers,

    I’ve been trying to recruit more people for a long time. I’ve havent had any good luck with it. Can anyone help me or give me better tips so my chances improve ??
    I have a few solutions some may or may not be the idea you would be looking for.
    As the guy above said, recruit using the forums recruitment section
    You can also recruit on reddit as they have a similar recruitment system
    You could try and build a clan website/Facebook/twitter feed and attempt recruitment through there
    Depending on the size/roster breakdown of your clan you could look into joining some war leagues as a lot of the war league discord servers have recruitment sections for your clan to post recruitment posters too. Some examples of leagues that have this recruitment section in their servers are MLCW, AWL and EWL, they do only open these options up to active participation in their leagues though so bare this in mind. If you message me I can send you an invite to those servers.
    Lastly, one of your clans current players could open a youtube channel showcasing your clans ability/strengths, it doesn't necessarily have to be war attacks but anything you guys think sets your clan apart from others and then try to promote the channel throughout the community in the ways expressed above, forums/reddit ect. And give details on your clans application process on the channel itself.
    I hope this helps. It's a lot of work but if you want the best players you can get and for them to stay and remain loyal you as leadership need to put some work in too rather than just spamming global looking for players.
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    Recruiting is very difficult. Consider just abandoning your clan and combining forces with another. Bring all of your good players with you. Do it before you level up your clan too high because then it will be harder to leave it. Building and maintaining a good clan is a huge investment. I regret not having/following this advice a long time ago. Now I'm so emotionally invested in my clan that I can't abandon it, but I also don't have the time (or want to spend the time) maintaining it. Long time members (co-leaders) don't share the same emotional investment, so it's easier for them to quit or take a back seat, leaving me to fight to keep the clan alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix1027 View Post
    Go to the recruiting section of forums and stay away from global
    They are still few loyal ones out there

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    Wherever there are the foolish starting new clans, I am there, wagging a finger,
    We need more information.
    I looked it up based on your merger post and it appears you have a level 14 clan?

    Well, don't recruit

    Global is fine. Be on there. Be chatty.

    Say things like "Hey Cilakila. Great profile. Level 14 clan here, would love to have you if you are looking."

    That is all. No need for much else. Be on global when you are raiding... I have terrible luck recruiting myself - in the last year in my clan I have recruited a grand total of ONE player to my clan - but I also make NO effort to ever offer a place. It seems the person I traditionally bring in happens to be in prison for the cannibal attacks back in '07 or the public restroom incident of 2013. So I actively avoid recruiting. Bad stuff...

    But our leader does just that. He stole me away from my solo clan I was hiding and pouting in for a couple months.
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