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Thread: Does Clan War Leagues make you strongly consider maxing your engineered bases?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NishkaJagani View Post
    I tried reading this thread.. 2 pages I'm bored. Sorry
    It's ok. Be happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadrach777 View Post
    Based on what has been shared so far, are people now considering maxing out your engineered bases if you are including them in the CWL?

    I spoke with clan leader over the weekend, and stated we would build our roster based on whoever has the highest heroes and is available to war. This would mean my engineered TH11 has a spot, but his weaker than full TH11 defenses gives me pause. I am considering adding all the new defenses that come with TH11, but I really wanted to get all his walls to level 11 before adding any new defenses.

    I'm wondering how the rewards will differ when compared to clan wars.
    So yeah, after experiencing the current CWL, I'm thinking I want to definitely move my TH11 up to TH12 so we can continue moving up the leagues. The real question is going to be when I make the jump or if the clan will feel slighted if I'm fielding my top 3 accounts. I didn't include my alts because I didn't want to hoard medals. I'm kind of kicking myself now for not including my TH11 at least; it's getting hard to field 15 reliable high level accounts and we are having to rely on a 20/20 TH10 right now. I already kicked a TH10 30/30 no show (new player to our clan) and our unreliable 30/30 TH9 is well...unreliable.

    My main focus is completing the defenses I have built now (just have mortars left), then I will focus on getting all level 10 walls and continue to work on heroes. I'd really like to get my heroes to 50/50/20, but I think my primary focus will be getting my second TH12 AQ's to 60 first. I guess I also have all the TH11 defenses I haven't built yet and my 2nd IT.

    I'm looking at regular wars as practice now and CWL being the official spot for a challenge. The downside is that I think we need at least 15 TH12s to make an actual run for it. We've got 3 TH11s with 45/45+ heroes that I would love to push into TH12s. We also have 2-3 40/40 TH10s that I would like to push into TH11s. It's just too bad not everyone in my clan is obsessed with the clash as I am.
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