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Thread: Self Designed & Tested War Bases

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    Self Designed & Tested War Bases

    Since, I love having original bases I kinda often design my War Bases. Only war bases BTW because I'm a Trophy pusher therefore spending time in building a good main village is pretty much pointless.

    Now coming back to War bases, I'm finally ready to share them aided with few details. I also have names for my bases, so try not to laugh at them.

    Lava Buster

    I call it so because it has a great record against "Laloonian" attacks as well as Dragloon. From what I've experienced from this base is that quite a many TH9 rely on Laloonian alone and some still wants to Dragloon your bases. I don't have the count but it has around 75-80% successful (mainly with 2 stars) rate against TH9 war attacks.

    Observed weakness is Hog mass attack.

    In War CC, I mostly use Eddie here for it has been hugely successful with the CC being in the middle & hard to pull by the Kill Squad. Also, the Archer Queen placed in a good safe spot helps defend better here.


    It's my latest designed War base. Haven't tested enough cause of the success rate I'm continuing to have with Lava Buster. But on 2 counts, it has survived once against a GoWiPe attack.

    X tension

    ..Because it somewhat lookalike "X" shape. Have tried few time to satisfactory defense rate against TH9 attacks. But again once Lava Buster took over, I barely felt the need to switch back.

    I'll try to keep updating the current base and will add a new base design if I create one.

    For any further details, VM/PM me and if you're using any of these bases then do leave feedbacks.

    Thank you!
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    Some common problems in these bases:

    - Wiz towers having ADs in their range.
    - Teslas having ADs in their range. (Both teslas and wiz towers are loon killers, not hound killers.)
    - Bows are walkable in base 1 and 3. i.e. they can be reached by a queen walk from the outside without breaking into the base.
    - Spring traps are all over the place and most of them won't trigger properly on hogs. Base three has the most acceptable spring placements but even that has 3-4 questionable placements.
    - In base 2 and 3, queen can be reached by sui heroes from the outside.
    - You have wasted giant bombs on the outside that are not between any defences. These will not trigger on packs of hogs at all. This is a huge problem. While external giant bombs are good vs mass witches, you need them to be placed between a tesla and a defence or a mortar and a defence on the outside to be more reliable. Coupling one giant bomb with 2 small bombs on the outside is also good as that setup can kill a non-healed witch in one go.
    - You need to rework all your air bombs. Here's a simple guideline:
    a) Black seeking air mines on ADs
    b) Red air bombs on the outskirts where you predict loons will be dropped.
    - Skeleton traps set to air should be placed near wizard towers. They too are loon killers, not hound killers.
    - This is not normal multiplayer. At th9, you shouldn't even hope to prevent a 1-star unless a terribly rushed attacker plants troops randomly at different corners. Centralised TH is a waste of valuable space. AQ and CC (in order)take priority over it.
    - Keep the bomb tower near the AQ between an AD and the AQ to prevent her getting skelly spelled easily.
    - Square ADs are a big no-no, they make hound pathing so much easier to predict and plan for.
    - What is the point of wasting so many walls on the first base? You're better off making channels to cut off possible entry points on the outside.

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    Im sorry but anti two star bases have no room for even the TH10 meta let alone TH9. As Rock pointed out these bases contain numerous mistakes.

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