Hi Everyone
Have had a bit of baduck with people who join & dont participate so have cleaned house and now have plenty of room for members lvl 20 & above. We are looking for active players. We are an all Australian hood but all welcome.
MUST SPEAK ENGLISH. Our expectations aren't unreasonable so if you can adhere all are welcome.

Complete all tasks relevant to league
Do tasks that are 315 points or more when special derbies please do 360 plus point tasks
If you are a new member you will be promoted to ELDER to help with deleting low point tasks & promoted every successful derby.
If you are unable to participate please have the courtesy to opt out giving us a good chance at placing in the top 3.
Be respectful, polite, helpful & have fun🍻🥂 ask for help we're always here to help 😉😉

♥We appreciate life happens so if you accidently delete a task or one expires it's ok as long as it's not a regular occurance.

♥If you join & decide we arent for you but we are mid derby please dont leave wait until the derby ends 😄

Our neighbourhood details are:
Name: Victorious Secret
Tag #8QLC92QU
My Kik Id: butterflygal8582
Happy Farming🖒🖒