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Thread: Supercell too not giving Priority To BUILDER BASE?

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    Supercell too not giving Priority To BUILDER BASE?

    Well, I am not a builder base player , i am a trophy pusher in MAIN VILLAGE , currently have over 6,000 trophies and HARDLY DO A RAID IN BUILDER BASE.

    But still, I see a minor bug/glitch everytime in builder base. Well , thats related to trophies and rank in top player list.

    A player is shown to have eg. 5800 trophies but while going to his profile his trophies are reseted to 4000 and after the season end he hasn't done any attacks. TILL THE LAST DAY OF ANOTHER SEASON, THIS BUG CONTINUES. This demotivates the real pushers. They are supposed to be in #1 but are ranked #10 or sth like that. I SEE THIS ISSUE OVER HUNDREDS IN BUILDER BASE.

    WELL, YES! This bug does come to main village top players list too in the start of new season For atleast ONE DAY, THAT ISN'T A PROBLEM since its fixed in less than one working hour. BUT WHY IS THIS PROBLEM EVERYTIME IN BULDER BASE??

    YES I HAVE NO , NO AT ALL INTEREST TOWARDS BUILDER BASE and I BELIEVE MANY OF YOU READING THIS TOO DON'T HAVE. So, this issue and i believe there are many! Supercell aren't giving priority to BUILDER BASE?

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    There are a lot of people who like to play builder base, and I’m one of them. I don’t necessarily think that they are ignoring it.
    Yes, there are glitches but I’m hoping that they are working on it

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    Who knows? It’s possible that it gets fixed in the CWL update. Darian gives some insight into SCs plans with BB in the recent Q and A. Personally, I’m glad they have chosen to prioritize the main village for a while. We went a long time without any major new content there.

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    Well I don't use your keyboard, and so it doesn't really affect me, but I see a minor bug/glitch with it too. It seems your caps lock keeps getting stuck...
    Disclaimer to the above post:
    When offered the 'Game Specialist' title, I misread and thought it said 'Special Game-ist'. Since mama always told me I was special, I figured it was a perfect fit and just signed right up. But I do like blue so I'll still try my best... if you were hoping for a better answer, you might have to wait for someone smarter to come along.

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