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Thread: Level 81, daily player and enjoy the derby.

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    We are small group of 14 as we just weeded out all the moochers and slackers..the remaining crew are very helpful and give as much as we recieve..we are very competitive with derby yet manage to have many good laughs while competing..levels 55 and in town is great!! Check us out if you want

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    Then Swampy Waterz (#9CC8CJGG)♥is the place for you. Hope to see you soon.

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    HI Catapos , we are the HOOD FAMILY . A group of 7 ISO strong derby players who are team players as well to strengthen our ranks . We lvl from 95-134 . If you are a derby fanatic like us , you'd be a great fit . 9VV9VYJ9 , white dog w/ yellow heart . My name is BOOTZILLA .

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