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Thread: Never ever had such a bad mismatch

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    Interesting points and insights to read here. Thanks.
    Our 6 and 7 will not make the 3-stars, I know their strengths and weakness
    So it goes for our top 5 to do the job. We'll see, and I will let you know.

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    OK, our war went down the river pretty fast. We were not able to attack without "mistakes", actually we made a lot. Defeated, heavily defeated.

    In our past wars we also made plenty of mistakes but often had the chance to repair these failed attacks, but this time we had no chance because of the told roster disadvantage. Although we truly had our chance, I insist to say, that this was a bad mismatch. I prefer fair fights, where both clans are on a roughly equal footing with one another.

    To close the case I collected the defensive war weights (sum of gold storages including the townhall):

    My clan Opponents
    119,0 119,0
    117,0 118,0
    117,0 117,0
    107,0 108,0
    106,0 107,0
    104,0 107,0
    77,0 90,0
    70,0 88,0
    57,0 86,0
    50,0 85,0
    SUM 924,0 1025,0
    Mean 92,4 102,5

    Thank you for your input,
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    To be fair to you, I am not so surprised.
    It could be, that I am as average/casual as I claim to be, but i saw mismatch same as you. Saying bottom half dont matter, means that whatever top half hit with each attack, is basically your war score eg 10 fresh hits, versus whatever the oppo does (although i concede scouting could have been done, it isnt the usual with less determined clans).
    In our wars, we rely just as much on our defences doing their job, as our attempts with troop drops. So having a "shot" is ok, but not ideal.
    Only thing that may be different, is I dont call "no chance" on prep day. we hit from the bottom, and the odd attack thats gets home, takes some of the weight off the top guys.
    You said you usually match ok, but I would be wary of low fillers, when carrying so much top weight. It will be, in my opinion, prone to simply being matched by your top end, and leave your bottom at the mercy of whatever comes with the oppo's package. In many cases, as in this war, those bottom feeders will be left with no war.
    Good luck with the next spin mate.

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