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Thread: The war miss-match of all miss matches

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    Not to worry mate. we all make mistakes, me more than most. If youre going to mismatch, then a friendly is the way to go.
    I often wondered about friendly wars, but never done one. It would appear that any account can be included, matterless of oppo then?.
    At least you learned me something. And that is that friendlies are more prone to unfair matching, than random spin is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyValker View Post
    This is priceless! I had a good laugh on this one.

    Very glad you did come back online to give an update on this, and well done for taking the time to reply to every comment.

    So how did the War go?
    The opposing clan had a good time, perfect war as expected We go 2 stars. Looks like no-one was interested in the fight except the person who started it
    Clan Name: DV II, Clan Tag: #LUL2P9RG.
    Clan Details: Adult, English speaking, International Level 13 War Clan (3x weekly), CWL - Crystal I.
    Recruitment Thread:

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    Haha that's funny

    Yeah friendly wars you can war with anything on either side.

    Would be cool if SC implemented something where you could do a friendly where it would pick the bases on each aide for you out of a big pool of each sides choosing.

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