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Just this morning, had a TH10 share a raid. He's just dropped from Legends all the way to silver, and found a dead base with the town hall outside, and monster loot.

He sniped the town hall, then attacked the base - and couldn't understand why the wrecker still went sideways to the town hall, when the town hall was already destroyed.

I've explained the mechanics (I assumed he would have known, as he's managed to push to Legends)

I also explained that we don't generally give Machines for farming raids.... (but happy to give them for War, for practice, and sometimes to help with pushing) When they cost 100k and take 20 mins to train, they are quite precious!
Agree on the raid use lol.
I have the only donation base. Mine are level 2, so 125k each (we were level 9 clan when they started). They are handed out, on the understanding that they are for war only. I do tell them to always have one loaded in cc, to take the strain away on war day. Is funny how they sometimes get dropped by "accident" during raids.
Always makes me laugh, not.