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Thread: Need anti 3 star war base

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    Need anti 3 star war base

    I have th10 max out base... suggest me a anti 3 star base

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    This is my mini account. What u can't see is a builder hut up top and one down the bottom. It's has about 40 attacks vs it by Th10s. Only one th10 three started it, was a very good attack. Holds up vs some th11s too. A th11 got a 98% one star off it last war, somehow, even tho u can basically snipe the th

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    Googe search it in Images there are many TH10 war bases to be seen in images. I'm sure you will find one you like. And then read a thread about base design. So you understand the mechanics and the reason for or see a bad design.
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    @bostone plz invite me i wl copy tht layout ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by imranshowket View Post
    @bostone plz invite me i wl copy tht layout ....
    Or you can just copy the layout by looking at the screenshot since it's right there. Don't be lazy.

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    I would send wrecker at 3 with heroes and cc bowlers and get 2 ads with aq then mass lalo

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