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Thread: Bm's new weapons

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    Bm's new weapons

    Hello everyone👋,
    I have been thinking that BM's has now became boring, because of that old weapon, the "THOR's Hammer. How about providing it with new weapons like : TRIDENT OF POSEIDON(which freezes the rival's base defenses on which it is targeted; how about giving it with some mystic wand like GRAND WARDEN, instead of attacking the BM can heal some of the troops like a powerful mechanical healer; or an invincibe armour(not completely "invincible") which can take a large damage and protect other troops behind it and can stop the balls of yhe metallic shells of the cannons; you can also introduce it with thrusters, on tapping its concerned button, the battle machine levitates; you can give it with a gun which shoots miniature shells similar to the giant cannon; ......... and many other such modifications can be introduced to the BM (after buying them in the shop) and one my choose among these weapons before going on a versus battle or just before starting the battle i.e. at the base-staring time.
    Plz. reply below, how is this notion and also tell you liked it or not. Other constructive suggestions are most welcomed.

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    Only original hero weapons are the best

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    how about a driller so that it can act as miner !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starfishlol View Post
    how about a driller so that it can act as miner !
    I also got that idea, but I ommited it as it will make 3-axe (100%) attack very much easier probably the easiest, becase in main village, miners don't have high HPs like the BM, which is the hero of the Builder Base. This ability of digging suits miners as they don't have high hit-points which makes it easier for defenses to finish them. So it's like blessing for the weaker ones, and our BM is not that weak.

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    I like the idea. In Boom Beach, heroes have multiple abilities that you select before going into battle. Those abilities are upgradable as well. Rather than upgrading the hero you upgrade each ability. That would be tough to implement at this point since we currently upgrade the hero itself, but I'm sure someone creative would figure it out. It would add an element of skill to attacking as you'd have that one minute window to analyze a base and choose not only troops but a hero ability to form your strategy.

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