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Thread: Balancing battle machine

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    Balancing battle machine

    Hi everyone,
    All of you are famous with that capability of the GIANT CANNON(GC), it can shatter your BM in seconds(just 1 or 2 bull's eyes are enough). You must be knowing that some months before, similar was the case with hidden tesla & p.e.k.k.a. in the main village, it used to cause some extra damage to it. Rolling back to the point, I urge you to go and see the statistics of your GC and your BM. GC causes alot of damage to the BM, but when it tries to hit some other troops, like the NIGHT WITCHES, GIANTS etc., the sustain evaun upto three hits, also their hit points are pretty less than, that of the BM, but I think they are immune to the GC's damage upto a great extent. I think it's som overlooked looked coding fault, which is making BM pretty useless, as it is alive only for 6 to 7 seconds in front of the GC and many a time, it just keeps on breakin the walls and the GC finishes it outside the base only even if the BM is far away from it and that GC's balls surpasses it, it takes up alot of damage. So plz., SUPERCELL look into the seviour matter and do something to make BM the real hero again. If my fellow clashers also agree with this, then plz. raise this matter.
    THANK UUU!!!!!!!!!!

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    Making Cannon suffer
    As stated by the wiki:

    The Giant Cannon deals excessive damage to the Battle Machine, dealing as much or more damage to it as a same-level Crusher. This is most likely a result of the Giant Cannon's cannonball staying in prolonged contact with the Battle Machine's hitbox whilst failing to knock it back. If the cannonball has traveled far enough to lose sufficient speed, it may even stay in contact long enough with the Battle Machine to one-shot the Battle Machine.

    So the Giant Cannon does not have any short of multiplier.

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    If the giant cannon combines with a mega tesla or even a crusher then its game over for the battle machine.

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