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Thread: This is why I think SC wants you to lose sometimes, spring traps don't work!

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    The nerf winds blowing m8

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    In fact the following happens: matchmake of the game always aims to make the game as balanced as possible so that the same player does not stay so long at the top, so when you get many wins in a row the matchmake will look for an opponent who has a history of many victories against its type of layout and layout of defenses and of course the tendency is for you to start losing, an example of this is when you are in a good sequence of victories and lose a battle, usually the matchmake will look for an equal village the one you lost, that's the rule of the game.

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    I love how people complain about the AI of a secondary game when the primary game has its own AI issues. Like SC would magically care about AI all of a sudden.

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