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Thread: Level 170 player looking

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    Level 170 player looking

    I'm looking for a neighborhood with:

    1. Adults only
    2. No drama
    3. At least half of the players in the USA or Canada (I am on the East Coast of the USA.)
    4. No silly rules about watering, common sense should be enough
    5. 26+ players
    6. Championship League (I always do 10/320 or 10/400 but I don't care if others do or not.) (I gem the board to bring up tasks if necessary.) (Not looking for a do or die, must win, neighborhood, just a competitive one.)
    7. Lots of active players. (I play a lot. I'm not that chatty as I'm at work a lot of the time, but I am friendly and helpful.)
    8. Lots of town players. (I play the town a lot. I bring in three trains, keep a few of the passengers and then put the rest on my platform, usually 35-42. I then fill my town as much as possible from neighbors.)

    Kik GreenCheeseFarm
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    Hi GreenCheese, Im sending you a pm!

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    Hi...we might be a good fit. New hood..currently in the growth phase. Check out my thread for FROGGEROO FOREST #9VJVCGUJ

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    Lyngby Farmers are only 23 Farms , and have one player more from the west Europe time Zones then from the American time zones ,
    But everything otherwise fit your description perfect ,
    We are a strong team ( level 192- 75) aktive , play the town very aktiv , only have rules for the Derby , all Adults , and so on ,
    only English in the chat ,
    We are one of the teams that have players on almost 24/7
    Derby rules is easy All players that is opt-in do their 9 free tasks and the 10 if needed , in a usual Derby minimum point on tasks is 312 ( but no one have to do the the Derby if they dont have time ) opt-out is OK
    We got 158 Derby CUPs with thos rules , We have got in top 3 in 99 of the last 100 Derbys
    But We need 1-3 more players from the American time zones , we like to have a 50-50 balance Europe - America it give a big advantage in the Derby .
    Try ' Lyngby Farmers " you are welcome if you do .
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    I miss you!

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    Sent you a pm

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    Then Swampy Waterz (#9CC8CJGG)♥is the place for you. Hope to see you soon.

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    Thanks to everyone who posted or messaged me. I have joined a new neighborhood now.

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