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Thread: Grey Whiskey Level 6 Clan - Looking for active members!

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    Grey Whiskey Level 7 Clan - Looking for active members!

    We are Grey Whiskey. A Level 7 clan looking for new recruits to be a part of wars, clan games and donating.

    Basic Stats-
    War wins : 91
    War Losses : 37
    Draws : 1
    Win Rate : 71%
    Longest war win streak : 12
    Current members : 49


    We have regular wars with less than 24 hours between wars ending and starting. Not accepting rushed bases.

    All members have the potential to be Co-Leader.

    To be an elder- Compete in regular wars using both attack and donate when possible.

    To be a Co-Leader- Continue to be part of all clan wars and games whilst regularly donating and show continued loyalty to the clan.

    Clan rules-

    1) All members must participate in the clan in some way. This can be: Wars, Clan Games, Donations, Clan Chat, Village challenges.

    2) You do not have to be a part of all or any wars but you must remember whether to opt in or opt out of wars in advance. If you are put in a war you must use both attacks. Make sure to follow the war strategy set by leaders and Co leaders.

    3) If you decide to join in on clan games you must score a minimum of 750 points. Higher scores mean you will make a promotion sooner so do the best you can.

    #2022LJVGU - Feel free to join and you should be accepted quickly!

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