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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: "Loading..." screen between farms. It's become too annoying lately.

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    Its worse than ever before.

    or maby it has been this bad before? They could fix this with maintainance before and I just hope for a maintainancebreak VERY soon!

    the game is almost unplayable right now

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    Happy Halloween, Supercell. My game time is currently 90% being stuck on waiting for loading...pretty much everything.
    Lately i did some reading about Supercell history etc, like players in Canada? playtesting the game and updates etc. Right now, it looks like only a bunch of blind players on caffeine could playtest this...Game Of Stress and give it a pass.
    If the cash is short (yeah, right) why don't you start a Kickstarter project to fund a proper playtesting team and upgrade servers and spare us some frustration? You'd get MY 10 bucks for sure!
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    Since the Halloween decorations came on I can't buy from anyone else's shop.

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    Transition between farms is nightmare slow since the Fall update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glottis View Post
    Hi fellow farmers.

    The loading screen has been making shopping in the paper very difficult for me. I rarely can buy the advertised item anymore because farms take several seconds (sometimes around 10!) to load, so I only find greyed out sold items. I've asked a few people about this, and it seems I'm not the only one experiencing it.

    I don't know if it's related or not, but if I buy something, sometimes it takes 2-3 seconds for the item to "fly up" into my barn/silo.

    My Internet connection is very good, and I'm only experiencing such problems in Hay Day.

    Have you noticed anything similar?
    Very much so. It's very frustrating.

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    Please post your post update lagging and loading issues here:

    this thread was started before yesterdayís update so Iím closing this so this isnít used anymore for lagging after the update.

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

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