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Thread: Replace in-house messaging with Discord or other API integration

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    Replace in-house messaging with Discord or other API integration

    Your core business is not messaging, and it shows. My recommendation is to can what you have now, and just integrate with Discord or another messaging service's API. This should allow you add a lot of welcome features in terms of communications within clans, between friends, or even some *friendly* banter between warring clans. It should also allow you to get rid of the distinction between inbox and chat messages. For example, inbox messages could become pinned messages, and role definitions could be defined such that only co-leaders and leaders could create them. It would be really nice to also allow elders, co-leaders, and leaders to have private communications. For example, you could have a message go to all 3, just leaders, or just leaders and co-leaders.

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    Or you could just download Discord or Line or whatever. I can’t imagine how big the game would become if something like this happened. Not to mention the potential for abuse.

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    Given that Clash is a global game with international clans, which service do they then use? Surely not Discord, which is blocked in both China and UAE for example.
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