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Thread: What do decent players look for in a new clan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddsyuk View Post
    who is it I need to respect to recruit decent players?
    What do decent players look in a new clan they join?

    "Every clan games I try to invite players from global.

    We donate certain troops of max level, Will donate anytime they want. We are friendly They can participate in war if they want, I talk with Respect and kidness to them. No strict rules and a family friendly environment.

    But even after all this. They leave the clan and find another one which has the same quality as us.

    Why? Respect? I donated a player 3 times In the hope that he'll find this one a good one to stay, but he later added some abuse and slang words in chat and leave. Because? He didn't get Promotions"

    - an Unknown clasher.

    So What do decent players look for in a new clan?
    There's two aspects of it.

    Players who are just playing this game in a silly way, and not seriously will not find a clan to stay there, They would most likely roam around clans and mess up around. But there's an exception to it. If the player joins a very Well settled clan where he gets treated like a King and never feel like something is missing and Everything is going by him would stay there.

    Players who are aware of this game and play it in a mannerful way and quite seriously will find a clan that meets their requirements and suit their play style, Such as a player isn't really active so he'll find a clan where he wouldn't be forced to to wars but take part in clan games and have a friendly environment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddsyuk View Post
    As the title says. I am trying to figure out how to attract decent clan members and not the usual rushed dross that joins if we open the gates. I’m looking for relaxed moderately active players, who donate as requested and will participate in war and clan games.

    my clan is a lvl 12 clan with a recently vastly improved war log. We have about 12-15 active members
    Well, decent folks look for a decent clan. A clan without immature drama but a group that is active, friendly and ready to help. A good war log, donation activity, performance in the clan games and decent activity in the clan chat attracts most people who are looking for a new clan. Also, people like to be around others who are from the same time zone.

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    it depends how you define "decent" players, but most would probably look for in terms of importance. 1. a clan thats at least lvl 10 (yes im a snob), 2. good war log with around a 70-80% winrate for the past 10-20 wars, 3. good donations, 4. active chat

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