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Thread: Returning player, is 10.5 engineered base worth it?

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    Returning player, is 10.5 engineered base worth it?

    I have one as a side base but wondering if the meta changed. I havent played for 2 years. What are your thoughts on it?

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    TH10 is basically the new TH8, i personally dont reccomend engineering

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    If you participate in wars, then I still stand by the philosophy of, "don't build it until you can beat it."

    Our clan enjoyed our time at TH9 and only recently went to TH10 with a few accounts. Nobody has built infernos yet. We do 10v10 wars and the War Matchmaker is actually doing quite a good job of matching us against clans whose TH10s also do not have infernos either - I'd say only 1 of 5 wars has infernos in the opponent's top spot. We're winning most wars and tying the others at 30 stars. Therefore, at least for us, it looks like the X.5 route is still a good strategy.

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