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Thread: Possible Fall Derby tasks

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    Possible Fall Derby tasks

    Just a list of derby tasks where we can find the products/activities that they listed could come up, these are all based on 320 point task:

    BOAT ORDER 4 boats


    -Angler task
    Fish 60 lbs, Blue wolly hats 14, blackberry muffins 11

    -Orders task
    Truck 16, Boat 2, Town visitors 13

    -Picnic task
    Apple juice 7, carrot cakes 9, feta pies 7

    -Sweet task
    Strawberries 150, toffee 9, vanilla ice cream 7

    -Tough task
    Mining 46, honey toast 14, yogurt smothies 7


    Blue wolly hats 25
    Buttered popcorn 25
    Cookies 25
    Feta Pies 14
    Fish & chips 12
    Honey toasts 25
    Orange Tea 19
    Toffee 16

    If I forgot one or there is something to correct, please do tell.
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    I got 2 fish&chip tasks on board, 1 boat, 1 picnic. Trashed 2 sweet task because my fields are limited, but I think I will take one if other task doesn't show up

    update: 2 fish&chips, 2 picnic, 1 cookie, 1 boat, 1 angler.
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    Thank you Dion. This is very useful.

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