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Thread: TH7 base design anti 3 star

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    TH7 base design anti 3 star

    I am new in th7 looking for good design and defense of the base please help me thank you!

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    Spoilers: any TH7 can be 3 starred

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    There is no such thing as an anti-three star TH7. It's easy for a TH7 to kill another TH7 with level 2 dragons. Only poor attackers will fail. These days, the same is mostly true at TH8 and even TH9s have a hard time surviving war now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinmatsoka View Post
    I am new in th7 looking for good design and defense of the base please help me thank you!
    Hate to break it to you, but I’ve 3 starred mid-th8s with 10 lvl 2 drags and 4 max loons in cc. Th7 sucks in terms of defending. You really have no chance of defending in war at any town hall level below 10 and even that is questionable with the introduction of siege machines. Just war with dragons for the war bonus and upgrade town halls. Clash of clans is pretty broken now with offense>>>>>>>>>> defense. Back in the really old days, offense and defense were really close and everyone would use a variety of attacks but now it’s bowlers with the occasional miner/Valk. Only top level town hall 12’s will you see any variety, but that is because maxed troop are so overpowered you could use almost any combination of troops and spells and still 3 star or very high percent 2 star any base, even a maxed th12. Wish they would buff defense but they wouldn’t. Clash of clans has always been oriented to kids and teens. I mean, if you were 10-12, would you want to play a game we’re it is really hard to 3 star/ completely destroy a base the same level as yours? I wouldn’t.

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    there is no such thing as an anti 3 star base for th7/8
    other than drags, hogs would 3 star any 7/8

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