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    Are new posts to Ideas and Feature Requests held until moderator approval?

    I appologize if this is already answered somewhere. I've searched the faq and forum rules and found nothing. I submitted a new thread to Ideas and Feature Requests. I briefly saw a pop-up window upon submitting the thread, but it didn't stay up long enough for me to read it. I'm unable to find the thread in the forum or in my list of submitted threads in my profile. I'm hoping it's just awaiting moderator approval.

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    I hardly think that this is the case. Logically if it was, half of the ruled out ideas would never appear there.

    I'm going to flag this for some mod to fly down and answer your question though.
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    No, there are no special rules requiring moderation jn any forum.

    But quite a few posts from new posters get flagged up by overzealous anti spam software.

    And unfortunately, vBulletin doesn't automatically notify moderators there are such posts waiting, so we only approve them if we happen accross them, or if you PM one of us about it.

    I have approved your post now.
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