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Thread: Derby Boats not counting and no puzzle boats

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    Derby Boats not counting and no puzzle boats

    I've completed 4 boats since the puzzle boat event has started and non of them have been puzzle boats. To make matters worse I finally remembered that I took a boat task last night b4 the event started. I completed 2 boats prior to puzzle event, but since then none of the boats have registered towards my task. I'm still stuck at 2 of 4 boats, even though I have completed 6 boats.

    I have sent a customer service ticket but have heard nothing back regarding either the puzzle boat issue or the derby issue.
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    Did you get a reply? I havenít heard of this. The boat glitch I experience is someone fills my crates and then I come back and they arenít filled. I have to ask for help again and hope they get filled. When my neighbor fills her items are gone and canít fill again. I have complained numerous times but yet it still keeps happening. I wonder if anyone else has this problem? They have told me it is a known glitch.

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