So, I'm currently upgrading my TH to 8 (I have fully maxed out everything in TH7), and the upgrade will finish tomorrow afternoon.

Since I'm pretty much max on gold and elixir (even a full treasury), and even have lots of de, I can probably build everything new pretty quickly.

My friend, a maxed TH9, has given me his TH8 base which I plan to use as my home base layout. It's quite a good base that protects the de, so I'm good on that.

However, I have heard that starting TH8, one should have separate home and war bases. Now, this base I have for my home layout can be decent in war, but it probably would be nothing like a specialized war base.

Because of that, I'm turning to the good people at Supercell Community Forums to help me with getting a good anti 2/3 star TH8 War Base. I did look at the compilation list of anti 3 star bases at the top of the forum, but they're all from 2016 or 2017, so I'm not sure if I can trust them.

Any help would be much appreciated by me!