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Thread: Visual glitch with trees in town

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    Visual glitch with trees in town

    In the town, the lighter orange trees are blinking/disappearing very briefly every 10-15 seconds. This is happening on both an android phone and fire tablet, with different accounts.

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    I did go to my town to have a look and watched as an orangey coloured tree on the left side of the beach did flicker while beginning the sway to the left

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    I’ve been having the same problem ever since the fog started. I also see the same flickering with the yellowish trees in other people’s towns.

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    Yes I have this problem (iOS), I left a lot of trees in town and so it is very noticeable that they flicker (well that particular colour/type does)

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    It's not a problem, the tree swaying animation just skips a frame, thats all. Not going to burst in flames or anything ☺
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