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Thread: Championship league derby questions

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    Championship league derby questions

    To place top 3 in the championship league with full neighborhood of 30 people, is the 10th task required to accomplished this reliably? Additionally, do you accrue diamonds in the game at a fast enough pace to not spend actual money on paying for the tenth task each week? I guess I'm asking is this pay to win the top 3 with a full active neighborhood? Or is this possible without spending money in game?

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    I am not the right one to answer
    Lyngby Farmers are only 23
    But we was 30 when We got up in CL leaague , that was the first week there was a CL League ,
    We hade no chance at all to get in top 3 the way you suggest to do it ,
    To get 300 tasks good enough to get in top 3 took so much time without useing Diamonds , that the hail team was on the way to collapse ,
    and we did not get in top for 9 Derbys I think ,
    Then a few in the team did stop play , so we only was 20 doing the Derby , and I think we got in top 3 in 136 out of 139 Cl Derbys ,
    So I say it is not really the diamonds that is the problem , You get enough diamonds in the play to do and win Derbys without useing real money ,
    BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK YOUr self and your team if : you have the TIME to do the throwing of low point task and like to sit and WAIT for hours to get the tasks every Derby ,
    If you are 30 in the team and dont use diamonds .
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    Finding tasks in the 310+ range aren't the problem. That's merely a matter of dedication and activity. I've done that easily before

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    Not every derby is tough. Although it has been quite some time since our hood had over 20 derby players opted in, some weeks you can finish top 3 doing 300 plus points and only free tasks. Other weeks you need to do 10 x 320 and do it faster than other teams. I think that is consistent at all levels, more often the latter for very small teams.

    personally, I have not spent a dime on this game and have some 600 diamonds at the moment
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    We derby with between 25-30 every week in the CL and nearly always win gold. We all do 10 tasks, and we normally average somewhere between 319.5 and 320 per task. We don’t ask anyone to spend diamonds other than the extra task (obviously people can if they so desire), it takes a lot of teamwork and effort to accrue that many high tasks. Clearing them quickly is the key to a steady flow of tasks, good derby prep is the key to that.
    The problem with having a full 30 opted in is that very few hoods manage that, unless they are changing their members in and out to ensure a full 30 opened in. The sort of hoods most likely to do that are top leaderboard hoods who will spend a lot of diamonds, and beating them will be really tough!
    You can easily find enough free diamonds to finance the extra task - open a few red boxes, do some mining and horseshoe prizes will cover it
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    We are a neighbourhood who always do 10 but that’s mainly to be consistent across the hood. Anyone opting in knows they need 10 diamonds and no one gets a ‘free ride’ on the backs of those who do 10.

    That said I estimate that in 9/10 weeks we could get gold without all doing a 10th task. In fact the closest finish we had was last week when the second place team also did 10 each but we finished faster.

    You can usually get an idea how it’s going to play after the first day.
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    in a Derby the absolutely Max number of task you get without useing diamonds is 3456 , if are a one man team or 30 is unimportant ,
    You get that if take or throw them immediate they get up on the Derby Board ,
    Impossibel in practice even if you play 24/7 .
    Probably you can get 2500-2600 tasks if are really really good and play really really much ,without useing Diamonds ,
    In my them we need to throw 9 tasks for each we take lowest point we take is 312 .
    If you count on that
    you soon find that are we more then 25 in the team it dont add up ,
    If we go up and do only 320 points we have to trow atleast 11 to get one 320 ,
    that do Max 20 players in the team or use Diamonds ,
    Do other teams get better tasks ? I doubt that ,
    My English is BAD but I can count ,
    And my team will get Derby Cup 158 this week they can count to .
    You get many diamonds in the game , if it is enough so you dont have to buy any? if you are a 30 man team that get in top 3 in Cl I dont know , But I doubt
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