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Thread: 2018 Q&A with Darian and Lach - full transcript

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    2018 Q&A with Darian and Lach - full transcript

    For those of the forumers who can't or don't want to watch the 20 minutes video, I transcribed it all for you here. I left out the innitial part and the outakes since, without the video, they're kinda pointless to put here. If I made some mistakes, I apologize.

    Darian: So hey guys, I’m community manager Darian, I’m here with forum moderator Lach.

    Lach: Hey guys! Good to be back.

    Darian: Yeah? So what trip is this for you in Helsinki?

    Lach: This is my 11th time here in Helsinki.

    Darian: We keep inviting him back! And I don’t know why.

    Lach: You just love Australians.

    Darian: That we do, that we do… So Lach is here when we’re filming the long over-due forum Q&A. And we know it’s been a long coming which is why we physically flew Lach out here to actually ask us the questions in person. We wanna make sure, you know, that we got these answers to you in a presentable format and we didn’t want to do it just text on screen.

    Lach: And keep in mind that some of these questions came out before the Town Hall 12 update, so we actually had to change some of the questions a little bit because that wouldn’t make sense anymore.

    Darian: And what we also want to do is, you know, kind of answer the questions as they were before the TH12 update as well so to you kind of give you idea on why it took for us to film this because so much has changed in the game

    Lach: Absolutely.

    Darian: Why don’t we start with question number 1? What you got?

    Lach: Are you at Supercell happy with the three star rate of Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11?

    Darian: Ufff. Okay, so… One of the things that we’ve been advocating for a while now is that we want to increase enjoyability and success rate of TH10 and TH11s. Well and since then we’ve introduced TH12. And what’s the new feature that we’ve added to TH12?

    Lach: Siege machines.

    Darian: Siege machines. And what advantage do they bring?

    Lach: TH10 and 11’s offensive power.

    Darian: Yes. So, TH12s can donate siege machines, which offers some pretty amazing offensive power to whether is clan wars or farming attacks. I mean that does increase a chance of getting a 2 or 3 star attack, right? Are we happy with the rate now? Uhm, that’s still yet to be seen. We’re liking that there’s been an increase in the three star success rate at those town hall levels. And that is the constant goal that we want to bring. We wanna make sure, you know, we still want it to be challenging but we don’t want it to be impossible, and that’s what we were seeing before we started increasing the offensive power: when we started, like, nerfing the inferno towers, removing the heal-debuff. We wanted to bring certain level of offensive power – increase offensive power for those town hall levels. And we weren’t seeing that success rate. I don’t know what the exact percentage rates are, but I want to say, you know, the rates from going to 3 stars in TH9s going to TH10 dropped significantly. Then the 3 stars going from 10 to 11, we’re even like a quarter or even 1/8 of that.

    Lach: Which is where some of those career TH9s and TH10s come in, because people didn’t want to move up.

    Darian: Yeah! There was a huge paradigm shift from going from 9 to 10 and 10 to 11. And knowing that we’re reading 12, we didn’t want the same of paradigm shift happen where it just drops even slower, or smaller.

    Lach: So speaking of siege machines, are you guys happy with them at the moment in terms of cost, training time?

    Darian: I would say train time and cost, yes. They are an incredibly powerful tool, so we wanted them to be kind of slightly cost prohibitive, so people couldn’t just mass spam them, you know. Alright, here’s a siege machine for you, here’s a siege machine for you, and here’s a siege machine for you. We want people to look at them like “is this a moment when I actually need one or do I just deploy my clan castle troops as normal?” As far as train time and cost, the thing that we are looking at is the experience when you donate them.

    Lach: Yes, you get the 1 XP.

    Darian: Yes, the 1 XP, we’re looking at that.

    Lach: Darian! The next question on the list: Are there any plans to shelve Clash of clans anytime soon?

    Darian: Tomorrow, it’s closing down tomorrow.

    Lach: That’s annoying.

    Darian: So you’re referring to the game itself, not the forums?

    Lach: Correct! Or both...

    Darian: So, with the forums, you know, that is one of our primary forms of communicate with the player base, so we have no plans to… In fact as I’ve said on the forums, I’ll have to fight tooth and nail to keep those opened, or I will fight tooth and nail and they’ll have to pry them from my cold dead fingers. Like, I love our community

    Lach: Right, you’re very active on the forums.

    Darian: Exactly! And I think having us, having CMs active on the forums, I think, helped reinvigorate a lot of the excitement in the game with the community. So, putting that aside, the game itself: We’ve still got game that’s played by tens of millions players around the world on a daily basis. The game’s been running for 6 years. And, you know, we have goals for having it run for another 6, 10, however many more years it takes. So as long as our people playing our game, we’re going to keep it going. I mean just look at how much content we’ve released this year, or within the last 12 months. We’ve got: clan games, magic items, TH12, Builder’s base 8, we’ve got clan war leagues coming out in the near future and we’ve got some single player content that we want to do, more magic items… We have very ambitious plan (new content) that we want to release for the game. And it’s pretty exciting, it’s probably the most excited I’ve been for clash of clans in a long time.

    Lach: That’s good to know.

    Darian: Alright Lach, question number 3, what you got?

    Lach: Right, Darian. This one, I’m very passionate about: End-game for maxed out players. We’ve all just received a TH12 which was the first content in quite some time.

    Darian: Two and half years.

    Lach: Yes, yes. Can we expect to see that at more frequent rate coming forward?

    Darian: So there’s kind of multiple parts of that question: end-game and new content. There’s going to be new content for everybody, and there’s going to be new content for end-game players. So, for example clan war leagues. So this is going to be something that’s, without going into spilling too many details on that yet, but it’s largely going to be a much more skill based system rather than just weighted matchmaking. So being higher town hall level is going to be much more advantageous.

    Lach: Right, which fits in with what you guys were saying about encouraging players to move up another town halls.

    Darian: Yes, the clan war leagues was one of the reasons behind it. But, on top of that, we’re going to be doing new content regularly. We don’t want to keep that two and half year drought. Electro dragon was something that was… It’s the first new troop in two years, TH12 was the first new main village major content in two and half years. And then, you know, we even admitted that that’s far too long between content. We want the interval of new content be much more frequent. There will be a TH13, a TH14, TH15 and so on as long as players are playing the game, we’re gonna keep coming up with new content and not just town hall levels; we want more single-player content, whether that’s in a form of, you know, goblin village stuff, or, like, I don’t know yet… But we have some ideas where we want to take the game, but we’re just not ready to reveal a lot of those yet. But as far as end-game exclusive content, I think you’re asking, like what?

    Lach: Say, daily challenges for example, that only a maxed out TH12 can partake in. And there’s a leaderboard who does X amount first.

    Darian: So clan games were kind of a testing grounds for that. When you pull a clan game challenge, a lot of them are geared towards your town hall level. Or let me rephrase that: There are different tiers of a same challenge. So for example, one of them might be, you know, loot X amount of dark elixir within an X amount of time frame. Which is much bright deal for a TH 7 or TH8. Another one, you know, the same loot X amount of dark elixir that’s much more appropriate for an 11 or 12. So obviously the lower TH level is not going to take that higher level one.

    Lach: Okay, so we’ll get into clouding a bit later, but currently a lot of TH11s and TH12s are facing in the clan games is actually completing a challenge because they’re in the clouds for so long.

    Darian: Yes, we’ll get to that, we’ll touch on the clouding thing later. But the reason I mentioned the different tiers of clan games challenges was that, you know, that was kind of our dipping our toe and to see if we can target a specific challenges at specific town halls. Now, whether it’ll evolve into there, I don’t know if we’ll do, you know, a content that’s exclusive just for end-game. As far as, you know, like a daily quests, or a daily challenges that are only available to, you know, TH11 or TH12 or things like that: We don’t have anything like that in the plan, works. But, going from TH11 to TH12 was end-game content. Siege machines only became available for end-game content. Electro dragons are only available to TH11s. Whatever we add for TH13, or if we add a new troop or new hero, it’s largely going to be exclusive to end-game content. So if they’re looking for exclusive content, yeah, you know, moving up is going to be something exclusive just for them. Just like, you know, someone says why don’t we come up with new content for TH9, what’s the usual response to that?

    Lach: Town Hall 10.

    Darian: TH10 is all new content isn’t it. So if we added a TH13, it’s looking for a new end-game content, upgrade to TH13 kind a thing.

    Lach: So speaking of… Is the clash team concerned about the goal posts getting too far away from a new town hall 2 that starts and finishes the campaign?

    Darian: Well, the longer we keep the game running, that’s inevitable. So which is why we’ve sped up the upgrade process; why we introduced the magic items, why we decreased the upgrade times, especially recently with the heroes, and that was largely based on community feedback.

    Lach: Wall costs.

    Darian: Wall costs was another one.

    Lach: Just after I finished them.

    Darian: Which is why I didn’t upgrade my walls until after the TH12 update dropped.

    Lach: Manipulating the system.

    Darian: No, it’s being frugal. But the more content we add, you know, we don’t want… Now let’s say we introduced a TH15, we don’t want the upgrade time to be three weeks. Like, I believe there’s going to be a cap, or at least there is a cap on how long the upgrade process is gonna take. So, as far as going from TH2 to all the way to certain TH level, we’ll have to see if we add… Let’s say we’re at TH20, that’s a very long time to upgrade from 2 to 20, so there probably might be some speed-ups along the way. And that just depends on how the game evolves. But for now, we’ve got book of building, book of fighting, book of spells, book of everything.

    Lach: Cool. Next question: When was the last time you revenged someone?

    Darian: In the game?

    Lach: Yes.

    Darian: Oh okay. Oh Jees. Probably not for a long time.

    Lach: Right. How does the clash team feel about that?

    Darian: We’re not happy with the way the revenge mechanics works. Part of that has to do with especially when you get to the upper echelons, just a functionality of the shield system, and in the online… the guard system that, you know, it makes it impossible to do a revenge. So one of the things that we want to address is how can we improve the revenge system. Do we want it to be able to attack through a shield or a guard time? We’re still looking at some of those options.

    Lach: No trophy gain, but double resources or something if you attack through a shield, you know…

    Darian: That is an option, and do we want to allow that you’ll be able to attack if they’re still online? So right now, part of that shield system is what, you know, again it’s also a symptom of what’s causing the clouds as well. So, we’re not happy with the way this shield's renting a lot of our own mechanics that we’d like from working: revenge is one, clouds are another. But with the revenge, you get attacked by someone and you like, you know, “I want retribution”.

    Lach: Yeah, like in the early game, when you can still revenge; it’s best thing I remember: four or five years ago when I was doing it. I used to revenge every single time I could.

    Darian: Yeah, but when you get to TH9 or TH10, kinda little start: I can’t attack this person at this time. So that functionality, it almost feels kind of redundant and useless, so it is something that, I hate use a cliché term, we’re looking into it. We don’t have an ideal solution for it yet. But it is on our QoL list of changes that we want to improve.

    Lach: Which is quite sizable.

    Darian: It is a very sizable list. So now we’re on the last question. And I think a question about the weather. Like it’s …

    Lach: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a cloud.

    Darian: Well, it is rather cloudy in Helsinki today.

    Lach: It comes up every time.

    Darian: Of course, it does.

    Lach: Clouding… Have you found a solution?

    Darian: I think we have. So, one of the coolest things about what happened recently on the forums is that there was a big, multi hundred page thread on clouding. And the clash team has been paying really close attention to that thread, largely because: one – it’s been a largely civil discussion; but the other part is that a lot of players will post their ideas of what they think should be the solution to the clouds and other players will, not necessarily criticize it, but break it down as far as I know how this wouldn’t work. So the community is actually coming to the realization as they’re posting ideas, “okay that won’t work”; “that won’t work”; “that one’s got some merits but it won’t work because of this”. So they’re starting to understand that, you know, there is no one size fits all solution to this, and but they’re also coming to understand how complex of a situation this actually is. It isn’t just like “oh just flip the switch, add more trophies, or, you know, let certain leagues attack other leagues, there is no one size fits all, silver bullet to this. A lot of it has to do is just how the fundamental game works, which is the shield system. And for anybody who isn’t familiar with the clouds, you know, how a lot of those clouds happen is, you know, there’s more people attacking than there are bases available: because the shield system. They’ve got their shield up and they can’t attack through it. So, when you have, let’s say, the legend league, which is a much more smaller group of players who are all trying to attack with only a few bases available to attack at a time, that creates hours and hours and hours of waiting for a base to become available. And as soon as one becomes available, it’s snatched up immediately. So we’ve got a couple of solutions in mind and one of them is showing a lot more promise, and it is changing fundamentally legend league works, once you get to that tier. So, we’re not ready to discuss that what happens when you get to that tier just yet, but we’re looking at an alternative mechanic of what happens when you get to that tier. Whether that’ll be… It’s not gonna be head to head, so, the way the main village is set up head to head just won’t work without… If we were to introduce head to head just for the legend league, we might as well just introduce head to head for the entire thing. And that would just... We’d have to get rid of the shield mechanics…

    Lach: Yeah and that would change how the game was played since the beginning.

    Darian: Yes. And it would be a very radical overhaul of the entire game. And it’s something that we’re not ready to do yet. I think there are other solutions that we could implement into the game to fix it before we go with that radical departure.

    Lach: Okay, with this solution that you have in mind, what do you think the end result will be?

    Darian: Ideally, so when you have a competitive system, you know, like the leagues, you know, the higher you climb, you wanna prove that you’re the best of the best. And if we’re preventing players from playing, that’s very counter to what the game was supposed to be, especially a competitive game. We’re not making it more competitive by preventing people from playing. So the end goal, I mean in a perfect world, would be able to let players play and just attack and have a fine base and just constantly keep grooving how good they are: having it constantly a competitive system where, you know, people just competing and proving how good they are, how good their bases are, or how good their attacks are vs. how good their defenses are and things like that. So, providing that competitive outlet would and ideal goal, and be able to play when they want.

    Lach: So it’s no clouds, or minimum clouds?

    Darian: Well, when you have a competitive system in place you wanna make sure that there are certain restrictions and I’m not saying, you know, we want to implement clouds… But we need to make sure that we safeguards that people just can’t, you know, account share for 24 hours a day, just to keep attacking over and over again. There has to be some kind of limitation in place that’s fair across for everybody. So with… That’s you know, ensuring everybody can do 20 attacks per day; 50 attacks per day, whatever that number is going to be, I don’t know yet. But we want to make sure that anybody who’s in that top league can do the same amount of attacks per day.

    Lach: Interesting. And do you have time frame in mind when this might be coming up?

    Darian: So we do have a road map that we’ve got kind of roughly planned out. Right now, clan war league is a top priority: That’s largely going to be our next release. We’ve got some, hopefully, content later this year as well. So, I think at some point on the forums I said that after TH12 we had 1 maybe 2 more updates for this year. Clouds are going to be probably the top priority for the beginning of the year. So whether it’s going to be completed in the first quarter of the year I don’t know yet, but it’s pretty much what the team is purely focusing on for the first part of 2019. And after that I think we’ve builder hall 9; we might do builder hall 9… Putting on builder hall 9 content is pretty easy and quick for us. So while the programmers and engineers are working on the cloud algorithm, we might put on a builder hall 9, because, it’s just, all we need to do is have the artist put that in. I don’t know yet: when it gets to stuff beyond this year, things are very malleable and fluid – we can swap things around pretty easily at this point.

    Lach: Fantastic.

    Darian: Deep.

    Lach: Solid.

    Darian: Absolutely.

    What follow is dabs and outtakes.
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