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Thread: 2018 Q&A with Darian and Lach - full transcript

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    You mean that you owe MasterEdy, rite?
    Yes that's right

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    Well...Smooth Representation ...👍

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    Very good job fellow forum mate!

    Btw, i was wondering if we will have

    1) New/ Reworked goblin campaign
    2) A 3rd village (Goblin Village)
    3) 1 and 2
    4) None of the above

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshspown View Post
    Good to see that SC realizes clouds is an issue which cannot and should not be tackled with some easy solution that will make things worse. I hope the solution that SC ultimately comes up with will be different and better of what is now difficultly worded by Darian.

    * Limit attacks by a number?
    * Why not a real system to protect against account sharing?
    * No shields to protect loot?

    For now I am staying away from Legends, and from what I read into Darians words I will never ever want to play in Legends league again.
    Putting players in the same place (same number of attacks) is fair for competition).
    Then the ability will be the measure of top players not only ability plus an insane online time as we see nowadays
    (Actually there is a combination: skill plus being almost always online, with that shift, the colossal amount of time spent in clouds won't be necessary anymore).

    About shield/ loot: most of legendaries don't care about loot but trophies.
    Peace out
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    Great work Eddy, I love hearing Lach's aussie accent though. Heheeeeeeeee Lachie Lach

    Never argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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    Thanks much Edy.
    Now, y’all forumers need to post some good stuff so I can rep Edy again

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    So much better than a video. Now I can read the info in 5 minutes instead of wasting 20 minutes of life watching an unnecessary video. Thanks man!
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    Many thanks for this!

    Thanks to DragonX101 for the awesome sig!


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    Thank You for your time and effort

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    Good job thinking of others' needs MasterEdy! Even though, yesterday, I was watching the video on my laptop, and I saw many comments asking for translations and stuff, so I did try my best in translations, reviewed others' work, but honestly, when you translate, a 20-minute long video seems to be literally a year, so ended up translating only the first 5 minutes, you have to also take care of the moment that the translations should appear at.

    Thanks again for the time and effort Edy!

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