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    Finally Met my Fellow Farmers !!!

    I am delighted to share this with everyone that I finally met two of my fellow hood mates the last weekend. One of the hoodies was on a vacation back to the town while the other one lives next to me . We made plans for meeting, had a hearty lunch and chatted all along about the derby and our other hoodies and a lot about hay day.
    People sitting next to our table were constantly gazing upon us and I am sure none of them understood a word of what we were talking.

    Thank you Hay Day as new friends are made over this awesome game

    PS- I am not sure how to tag the other two people in the post.

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    How cool Glad you met and had a nice time.

    You can't tag unfortunately but PM or VM them and have them chime in as well.
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    That is so neat!

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