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    Clash of Clans Community Q&A with Lach & Darian

    Hey everyone,

    Forum Moderator Lach and I recently recorded a Q&A session where we answered the top 5 of the 15 questions voted by the Clash of Clans Community. However, we didn't want to leave the rest of the questions unanswered. You can find our replies to all of the 15 questions below after the video.

    1. Where is the Dev Team at with regards to Clouds?
    2. How does the Dev Team feel about revamping Friendly Challenges to be more user friendly?
    We weren't really sure what the intention of this question was. If the question was directed at the cooldown functionality when editing your base, this is something we do not plan on changing for the sake of the competitive community.

    We haven't felt the need to revamp or modify it because it allows members of the Community to host their own tournaments, Clash events, social gatherings, and allows them to challenge a Clan directly. But, like all things in the game, if we feel there is room for improvement we will definitely take a look. Also, if the community has suggestions on what can be improved please make sure to add it to the QoL thread!

    3. Can we be confident there are no plans to shelve Clash of Clans anytime soon?

    4. Why does the Builder Base Season reset cups to 4000?
    We had originally set the reset to 3000. As the power level of the Builder Base increased due to the addition of new levels, we felt 5000 was too high. Even at Builder Hall 7 and newly upgraded Builder Hall 8, many of the players tend to hover between 3000 and 3500. We felt 5000 was TOO high of a reset level and that 4000 felt like a sweet spot. Reaching 4000 is a point that many don't make it to. Therefore, reaching 4000 was a nice pedestal to place your achievements on.

    5. Will years past temporary troops ever make a full return?
    If you mean they will be added as permanent units to the game, it’s highly unlikely. The reason we have fun doing seasonal troops is because we don’t have to worry (too much) about game balance. We do try to make sure they don’t tip the game too severely, but they’re largely put into the game for seasonal fun. We want them to feel special when a particular season comes around. Pumpkin Barbarians would seem out of place in the middle of March, no? As far as temporary troops making seasonal returns, we’ve had certain troops make encore performances before.

    6. Is there any way that SC might consider increasing clan sizes in the future?
    This is a difficult decision to make. On one hand, we see the benefits of increasing Clan sizes. Larger Clan Wars could be fun. However, there is the worry that it could cannibalize smaller Clans that are trying to recruit more people. There’s a balance to be made and it’s something we’re still discussing.

    We have a very, very large Quality of Life improvement list of changes we are going through on a regular basis.

    7. Do you have any plans on reworking the revenge feature to be usable at all levels?

    8. How is SC planning on addressing the ‘end-game’ for players?

    9. What are, if any, considerations to revise the Clan Castle concept?
    Since the introduction of Town Hall 12, we’ve released the Siege Machines. This was a new way for deploying Clan Castle Troops and was one of the most radical changes to Troop deployment in a long while. We’ve also added the option to “sleep” your Clan Castle Troops as well. Finally, the UI has been changed to add Magic Items - which has evolved exclusively due to Community input! We will eventually add more Siege Machine options as well.

    10. How will you keep a perfect balance between high and low level clans in the long term?
    We have been evaluating how we can improve the Clan Perks system as well as looking at new social interactivity for Clans. We understand that the Clan is the underlying foundation of this game and we are looking at ways to improve and expand this social systems. We eventually would like to add additional Clan Perks; however, this is where we need to tread very carefully. We can't make the benefits so advantageous and so difficult to reach that smaller Clans no longer have incentive to grow. We recognize that not everyone has access to a high level, 40+ person Clan and that some smaller Clans can sometimes struggle to consistently even do 5v5 or 10v10 Wars, or reach max points in Clan Games. It's definitely a point we'd like to address in the future at some point after we've taken care of the 'clouding' issues.

    With regards to Clans, we’re looking at how we can not just improve Clans but also if there are ways to improve systems between Clans. During and after the development of TH12, we've been analyzing Clan behaviors and looking at the difference between smaller and larger Clans. We know many Clans have feeder Clans, allied Clans, etc. Creating a system that bridges these would help support both smaller and larger Clans and still allow those Clans to maintain their own distinct identities.

    11. What’s up with the 99 other people in my league?
    They’re just trying to live their Clash lives, just like you.

    Truth be told, we know that the other players in your league don't really have significant meaning apart from denoting where you stand among 99 other random players. We've been debating the usefulness of this tab, and it's something we may end up removing and replacing with something else in the future. We just haven't decided what we want to be there just yet. This is something on our QoL list that's flagged as a "would like to fix at some point" as it's not too high of a priority at this juncture.

    12. Will we ever see those cool blue walls again?
    Never say never! During the development of Town Hall 12, we looked at the possibility of reintroducing the blue walls. But sometimes looking backwards isn’t always the direction we want to go. We felt since we were introducing something new to the game, we wanted everything - including the walls - to feel fresh instead of rehashed. However, many of us are fans of those walls so who knows?

    13. Is there any consideration going into Builder Base Clan Wars?
    We don’t want the Builder Base to follow the same evolutionary path as the Main Village. We designed the Builder Base to have a different play style, but we also recognize that much more can be done apart from just the head-to-head style of play. This year has been largely focused on the Main Village, apart from the introduction of Builder Base 8.

    We’ve got some plans for BH9, and we’re currently in the early whiteboard design stages of how we want to evolve the Builder Base further. Our objective is to have the Builder Base continue on its own evolutionary path, separate from the Main Village. But we do want the two bases to remain linked in distinct ways such as the Gear Up upgrades.

    14. Is SC satisfied with the 3-star rate at TH10 and TH11 or is it too high or low in their opinion?

    15. In Builder Base, why can’t we attack back-to-back?
    This is an interesting question we've been asking ourselves lately, but there is an underlying philosophy behind it. Time invested gives a greater sense of accomplishment and achievement. If Builder Base troops could be instantly trained, we didn't want to have that request start making its way over to the Main Village. We wanted there to be a feeling of investment with the Builder Base, but easier and less time consuming than the Main Village.

    Plus, your Builder Base villagers need to be doing SOMETHING when you're doing your BB attacks amirite?

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    Was hoping bit more but you can't have everything in life
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    Thanks for the additional written information with the video.

    Same number of attacks per day for everyone in legends sounds very interesting.
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    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. My tips/thoughts on Legends here. My legends hope: 14 hours daily search limit to reduce advantage of account sharing; black clouds screen; Legends3 5000-5499 cups, Legends2 5500-5999, Legends1 6000+, while in clouds let us watch war, donate, do FCs, base design. Expand trophy range for matching down by 500 cups, reduce matching up by 500. Other suggested changes found here.

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    Awesome, cant wait to get home and watch

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    burntheboat hall 9. noooooooo
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    Finally Q&A

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    awesome news danz

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
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    And be like what's this

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    I have no sound here at work. Can someone summarize the teaser parts?

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