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Thread: FWA | Searching for a clan TH9

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    FWA | Searching for a clan TH9


    I'm searching for a FWA clan with my friend. We are maxed TH9 and almost maxed TH8.


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    Still searching for a clan.

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    What's your friend's player tag?
    Clash Royale: Level 12 | 15 Legendary | Challenger II Arena
    Clash of Clans: Town Hall 12 | Level 180 |​ 182/300 LVL11 walls
    Boom Beach: Head Quarters 20 | Level 58
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    Recruiting - Level 9 Clan - War Clan (150-64)

    Please check out The Pink Tacos! #YY22PPJY (War Record 150-64)
    We are an active Level 9 and friendly warring clan! We also focus on clan games and reach max tier each time.
    What we offer:
    A fun active clan to expand and grow your clash skills
    A low stress war environment
    Tips and other guides on how to attack/base build
    Lots of donations
    Max clan games

    What we want:
    Active members who participate in wars (optional)
    Please donate what is requested
    Have fun!

    Please come check us out!
    Go Pink

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    Reviving a dead clan...
    This clan has been inactive for a few months. Looking for new players to get the ball rolling again. Come check us out!
    The Roughnecks are recruiting! Level 6, war all the time, and supportive clan!
    We are The Roughnecks, a Level 6 clan, based in the United States. We’re looking for new, loyal members to help our clan grow. Multiple accounts are allowed, but we ask that you only use 1 for each war. We'd like to get newer players that we can train and mentor.

    We are a very friendly clan, but sometimes a little rowdy, who welcomes new clashers. Profanity is used, but never to insult our members. Some of our members are military, so humor is a little twisted, but never serious. We won’t tolerate any abuse of our fellow Clansmen. We love to donate, and only ask that you do the same. Come hang out for a bit and see what we're all about!


    1) Age- All ages welcome, but be aware, profanity is used in chat.

    2) All of our clan speaks ENGLISH. This is not negotiable.

    3) DONATE- you must be willing to donate. Currently, we ask that you donate 300 troops per cycle. However, we understand that for lower level players, this is not really possible. Totally cool with that.

    4) You MUST use both attacks if you are participating in a war-- this is VERY important. Your fellow Clashers depend on you.

    5) When requesting to join, state your Age, Sex, and Location. This is very important!

    ll clan members must download and use Line communication app. This keeps our business private.

    7) We also do "In Clan" competitions. Best loot raid, trophy push, recruiting drives...etc. Prizes range from google and ITunes gift cards to tablets!

    We war back to back. Every day. If you can’t participate, just let us know.
    We don’t care if you 3 star every base. It would be great if you did! But we know that’s not always possible. No judgment here. Just do your best. When joining mention "Moonshine". So we know you're not a spy. :-)
    Clantag #GOU92UQU

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