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Thread: Players taking advantage of the one task rule!

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    Players taking advantage of the one task rule!

    I think it would help everyone if the leader and co-leader could set the number of tasks or points to be completed by everyone in the neighborhood, in order to receive the rewards. A lot of people are just doing one task to get the rewards, and are not helping out enough. They are taking advantage of this rule. It is not fair to the other people who do all, or almost all of their tasks, and to those who get a lot of points. People who do one task, just to get the horseshoes is not fair to the rest of the hardworking ones! The leader or co-leader should be able to set a requirement for how many tasks to be completed, or how many points. This way it would be more fair, and people aren't just taking advantage of everyone else, by just doing one task, and getting the same rewards as the hardest working players!

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    You should make your own rules. If any player can’t follow those rules, opt them out of the derby or kick them out of your neighbourhood.
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    Hi Princess and welcome to the forum.

    Team HayDay has given leaders tools to help them manage their NHs, such as opting out players and the latest that requires players to finish at least 1 task in order to collect the threshold prizes. It is my belief that they want leaders to have the autonomy to make and enforce their own NH rules.

    Here is a link to the recruiting sub-forum:

    Look over some of them to get an idea of the rules that other NH’s follow. It may give you ideas you can suggest or create for your own NH.
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    Princess, Momscar has it spot on.
    It’s totally within the remit of your leader and co leaders to set and enforce rules, and if people don’t follow them, then they have the responsibility to deal with those players for the good of the hood. If you feel your leaders are not being fair or representing the interests of those players who do work hard in the derby, you may need to find a better run neighbourhood.
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    We have the same problem. Now we give a warning for the first time because life does happen but the second time you are gone. We have a player that begged to let her back and she is doing the exact same thing. Derby is winding down and she has not done one task but has time to come on and beg.

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    there is only way to solve this and that is to kick.

    When a new member arrives you tell them your rules and if they don't respect them or follow them then it is bb time

    no hood should have to struggle in a derby cause of players like this

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