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Thread: I need some help on clan war attacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWarDictator View Post
    The two easiest strategies to use with baby heroes are PLL and HGHB. All you need for PLL is upgraded hounds. HGHB requires a couple of hog upgrades. I have a th 9 with similar heroes to yours and just use HGHB to smash bases.
    What is PLL? I've never heard of it. Pekka Laloon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fvqoh View Post
    What is PLL? I've never heard of it. Pekka Laloon?
    PLL = Penta Lava Loon
    5 lava hounds
    20 balloons
    4 rage
    2 poison

    use 2-3 balloons to lure cc.
    use queen to kill cc

    send in 2 hounds per AD on queen side followed by balloons. Rage the lava pups to kill queen.
    save 1 hound and 6 balloons for the last AD
    Really easy way to 3 star with tiny heroes. Level 5 queen is sufficient. King can be used to tank for the queen or for clean up.

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    Try to upgrade your hounds and use lavaloonion

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