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Thread: Anti 3-star base advice/tips?

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    Anti 3-star base advice/tips?


    If there are any experienced base builders out there, I could use some tips. Here are some of my bases.


    Things I like to keep in mind:

    I usually try to make specific pathing so hogs hit the gbs but it doesn't always work.
    My bombs are usually outside close to walls to stop wbs.
    Air bombs are usually near wiz towers.
    Seeking air mines are near air defenses or outside for queen walks
    Queen usually has a 2 space gap to avoid balloon splash damage and so it might not hop over the wall to attack.
    Cc is centered
    Storages or high hitpoint buildings are usually around the queen to soak damage or stall kill squads or queen walks
    Mortars and sometimes cannons are outside to make entry difficult, or to bunch up balloons/hogs.
    Air ds are offset to prevent laloon
    TH is offset to make room in the core (idk if thats the actual reason for offsetting it)
    Queen is sometimes offset and on the opposite side of the TH since inexperienced players usually attack from the TH
    Wiz tower farms for concentrated splash against hogs, valks, loons.
    Tesla farms for queen walks or concentrated dos
    Dead zones for weird pathing
    Xbow or air d islands (idk why but i like them. Could someone gimme a reason?)
    CC centered
    Spring traps between defenses
    Corner builder huts for maximum triggering when people get 99%

    I could use some more tips or advice. These are only things i keep in mind when making bases. Anything is appreciated!


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    I'm by no means an experienced base builder, so take it with a grain of salt, but I think those bases look great.

    I'm no base designer, but I have seen and attacked quite a few of anti-3 -styled bases, and one thing that caught my eye is the giant bomb placement. Too often they're placed next to a wizard tower, which is a grave mistake. You avoided that one!

    My pet peeve is the giant bomb location on the file named clashbase3. I wouldn't place the giant bombs on that tesla farm, since tesla farm forces a heal from a hog attacker either way.

    Overall though, very good work in my opinion!

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