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    Wherever there are the foolish starting new clans, I am there, wagging a finger,
    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefSkellum View Post
    Your a level 15 clan. All these replies have been from players who are in level 12+ clans.
    and why is that?

    You did not address any of the comments, merely indicated you disagreed.

    I have strongly... almost campaigned... that clan cost be raised to 300,000 to prevent as many bad new clans from forming, AIDING those clans that are built with active members and active leadership.

    And you are right, I do tend to stay in high level clans. As you indicated, though as a complaint, the perks of high level clans make it difficult to join a low level clan. With my wandering accounts, I am a snob, as my th9 donates pretty worthless troops without the perk. Yet those clans earned the perks. They did it through active "clan life".

    What you are upset about is a natural progression of a game that is now dominated by higher level players in higher level clans. There are fewer clashers than ever looking for clans, but that is because there are fewer clashers than ever not because of some secret vendetta the game has against new clans.

    There is also a decreased interest in getting involved in milk delivery, ice delivery, blacksmithing, and transistor radios. Times change.

    I also have to say, if your reply to some reasonable comments is to call us all garbage, I think I may have another theory why you are struggling to build a clan...
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    Ending threads one comment at a time.

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    Determination, persistence and a huge amount of hours builds a clan in the early days. I lived and breathed our clan when we created it. We are now a level 11 clan and it's a great group of people a year and a half later. I believe it can be done but has always been hard work to build and will be going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chapstick1 View Post
    Determination, persistence and a huge amount of hours builds a clan in the early days. I lived and breathed our clan when we created it. We are now a level 11 clan and it's a great group of people a year and a half later. I believe it can be done but has always been hard work to build and will be going forward.
    Nice Work Chapstick. Iím right there with ya with our clan reaching lvl 9 in about 1 year and we are scratching and clawing to reach level 10. I would agree with clans now in the lvl 20ís - I would like to see some added perks to under lvl 10 clans. That really seems to be the baseline for most people when they are looking for a new clan. Add some new Perks to help make under lvl 10 Clans more attractive. )

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    Recruiting has always sucked. I get one in two hundred that i reach out to that will be a fit for both parties. We have a five year old level 11 clan that is always full or close to it(thanks to this forum) and a two month old level 5 clan with 25ish. The young clan faces brand new clan every single war so there are many many new clans and yes, a lot of those will fail but the ones with good leaders/co-leaders will make it. Stick with it and good luck

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    We struggle with recruiting at level 14. Itís not just hard for new clans, takes a lot of time to get loyal players that stick around

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    ive been in low level clans that rock, ive been in high clans that are lame....

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    Depends what you are looking for OP.
    If you want 3 star specialists, it aint gonna happen. They are settled by now, in a clan full of 3 star specialists.
    When I decided to start a clan, I made new accounts. By the time I jumped my old clan, I could compete in 5v wars as a 1 man clan (may have been 10v back then, cant remember).
    My reason for starting a clan, was that the one I was in was super casual, with no interest in actually learning how to attack properly. The social side was real good, but I decided I wanted to be competitive.
    As it happened, another of the guys came with me, and between us, we started to build. Success in war will attract, whatever clan level, so we started to grow, although not everyone is interested in the pressure of war. Over time, most of the old clan joined us, so the numbers grew, but we remain selective with our war roster. I now have 15 accounts to my name.
    So, my thoughts are, you can start out alone, so long as you put the time into building accounts, and with time, the clan will grow.
    I also disagree that the perks should change. Everyone else had to grind out the levels, why should they change it now. If anyone wishes to start up a clan, then they go into it with their eyes open, and prepare themselves for a long haul. But it can be done.
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    My 2 cents -Incentive for low level clans:

    1. Leadership activity - be on and be involved. Nothing kills a clan faster than a silent leader / coleaders.
    2. If you have any access to high level accounts, get at least one or two on board. That will make donations less painful.
    3. Get friends IRL together. That's what we did for my first clan. Building up and shooting for that next level is motivating.

    Everyone had to grind their clan out. Every high level clan had to work for it. There's no way around it.

    Either hang out in a high level clan and grow with them, or build your own from the ground up. Everyone playing has done one of those two things. Join the club!

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    I'm a little confused but he's not from Supercell he just has a lot of knowledge of the game so he has that nice badge. He is not an employee just a volunteer on the forum.

    Many feel what he said but many don't. I started a clan just over two years ago. It is now a level 10. It is hard to recruit even for a level 10 clan.

    One thing, clan games makes it much easier. You need your clan to do the games and get over 400 xp per game. We have started a sister clan and in the last six months or so have taken it from level 2 to one war win short of being level 5 and we have fewer than 20 wars. Clan games will help you but it is hard. It appears they are going to add more perks for higher level clans but Supercell has acknowledged that the perks make it hard for new and smaller clans. They are aware of this and don't want to make it significantly worse.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefSkellum View Post
    HuH? Why should new clans be formed? This is coming from SuperCell? You dont encourage players to create their own communities through clan formations? Since you replied to my thread with a question I will do the same to you.

    Clash of CLANs backbone is Clans. Making it differcult for new clans to be viable is counter intuitive. Whne one has a choice between a level 10 clan with all its perks vs a level 1,2,3 clan the choice is simple.

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