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Thread: More task chances

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    More task chances

    We need more task chances instead of 8 every week. Lots of people left the game because bored of limited chances in task and points are almost the same all the time. We need more chances like unlimited chances or more than 15 every week so all points will be vary each time.

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    Hello there,
    As your neighbourhood progresses in the leagues, the amount of task chances increases.
    It is advised to reserve tasks before taking them and trashing the tasks with less points.
    I disagree with your statement, because having more task chances will make it competitive to the point it could be very difficult to keep up. A bunch of players have to manage their tasks + 1 extra task purchased by diamonds, which adds up to 10 tasks in a CL neighbourhood.
    You play the game normally, to complete higher point tasks you simply have to be dedicated and pour some effort.
    Neighbours are there to assist you, so ask for help whenever needed.
    There are tasks that take some time, while on the other hand, you may stumble upon help tasks that are usually quick and easy.
    Hope this helps.

    Have an amoozing time!

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