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    Quote Originally Posted by uchihas View Post
    Comments in this thread is making me to subscribe him to unsubscribe him again.
    I don't hate him but still why so much hate..He is a you tuber and like every other People Click baits like Biggest you-tuber Pewdiepie.
    I am still surprised that he is still making Clash videos even though he does not get any support.
    No, not every youtuber is guilty of the same amount of click baiting. Some provide content mostly based on accurate information and advice, perhaps with a little extra hype added in. Others use outrageous claims in their video titles, make false claims in their videos, etc. and are mostly click bait. They aren’t all the same. Some youtubers have done damage to this game, in my opinion, based on nonsense “overpowered” claims, for example.
    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Main clouds thread here. My tips/thoughts on Legends here. My suggested legends changes found here. Although now I expect we will just wait for project blue skies. Fingers crossed.

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    So let's nip this in the bud now shall we?

    There is no update coming in September. The maintenance was for database hygiene, nothing more. We have teasers, dev update video, and other promotional materials that'll all be released before the update.

    If you're STILL not sure if an update is here or not, if you don't see official patch notes for the update posted by myself or another Community Manager, then that means no update has arrived.

    We will not release an update without sharing it ahead of time. So the game going into maintenance without notifying anyone that an update was coming should give you a pretty big clue whether or not an update has arrived.
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