Miner League Clan Wars Season 7 Applications are open!

Visit our awesome site for more info or our discord server

MLCW (Miner League Clan Wars) is a collection of leagues where clans of varying sizes, skill levels and time zones compete in arranged friendly wars on a weekly basis.

Many of the clans participating in the league are among the top names in the Fair Play War Community, and the level of play throughout the leagues is fiercely competitive, both in terms of personal war skills and in terms of clan organization and strategy.

As we like to say: “There is nothing minor about Miner League”.

The league has tried and true mechanisms in place to protect participants from Clash of Clans plagues, such as modding, spying and engineering, so clans can focus on having an exciting and fun Fair Play experience.

If you feel that your clan is capable of competing at the highest level, join our discord server and we’ll try to find a home for you in our community of Fair Play clashers.